LMEA Frequently Asked Questions:

Who should I contact with an LMEA related issue?
Building reps are the eyes and the ears of the LMEA. You should contact your rep if you have concerns about issues relating to working conditions.

Who does the LMEA represent?
The LMEA represents the professional staff (teachers, counselors) and support staff (secretaries, custodians, instructional assistants, transportation personnel, cafeteria staff, technology staff, aides). We are a “merged” association. This gives the LMEA its strength, as we are all united under one contract.

What rights do I have as a district employee?
You have a written contract that outlines your rights and responsibilities of the working conditions of your employment. This includes length of day, salary schedule, and other benefits such as personal days, sabbatical leave and health care benefits. It's important to KNOW YOUR CONTRACT! Make sure you are being paid the correct amount based on your step and educational qualifications. The current contract expires in June 2020.

How can I find out more about the LMEA?
The LMEA routinely communicates to our members via multiple channels:
A. Minutes from the monthly Executive Council meetings.
B. Periodic editions of the “Applecore” – a newsletter of current issues/events pertaining to the LMEA.
C. Our own website – www.lmeaonline.org - which contains archived minutes, upcoming events, policies and practices, among other items.
D. Periodic editions of “PSEA Advisory” – a document from PSEA that alerts you of important issues affecting members across Pennsylvania.
E. Email Blasts - Periodically LMEA officers will send emails to members informing them of the latest news that effects or could potentially effect their jobs. If you are not receiving emails, please contact us to give us your personal email account. LMEA can not contact you through your Lower Merion email.

Can I attend a LMEA meeting?
The LMEA officers conduct monthly unit meetings. Our officers will go to different schools to address concerns specific to that school/unit. This is an opportunity to personally meet the officers and present your concerns (no matter how seemingly small they are) and get answers to questions you have. These meetings are held immediately after school and are open to all members. Of course, you may contact your building rep at any time if you have questions.

How do I file a compliant?
A grievance can be filed based upon a violation of the contract by the administration. We all have “complaints”, however a grievance is possible when the district violates hours of employment, salary and/or working conditions of employment specified in our contract. If you think that a formal grievance is necessary contact your building rep or officer.

I've heard that union reps can accompany me during a meeting with an administrator, is this true?
You have the right to bring a union representative with you to a meeting with your principal or any administrator if you think the meeting may be disciplinary in nature. You have a right to request representation at these disciplinary meetings. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Are there any other benefits?
Another benefit of LMEA membership is the $1 million dollar LMEA/NEA member liability coverage for any activity associated with your employment.

Is membership expensive?
Your dues money can be tax deductible at the federal and state levels. Also, your LMEA dues have not been raised in several years and are taken out of your paycheck. This dues deduction entitles you to membership in the LMEA (our local association), PSEA (the state association), and the NEA (the national association).

How do I learn about retirement options, eligibility, plans, etc?
Call 1-888-773-7748 or visit www.psers.state.pa.us