Benefits Overview:

Eligible employees may access health and other benefits offered by LMSD. The link below will route you to the Benefits Overview where you can access information related to your LMSD benefits.

Questions concerning benefits plans and eligibility should be directed to Eric Demkin, Compensation and Benefits Supervisor at or Ext. 1951.

Download a copy of the LMEA Benefits Package Overview PDF here.

For your information and ease of review, the Benefits Overview contains the following sections.:

  1. Health Benefits Overviews and Summaries
  2. Employee Contribution Amounts for Health Insurance
  3. Benefit Estimation Calculator
  4. Benefit Identification Cards- Replacements
  5. Waiver of Health Coverage Form (Opt-Out)
  6. Life Insurance Overview
  7. Disability Insurance (Income Protection) Overview
  8. Flexible Spending Accounts
  9. Tax Sheltered Annuities (403B) Information
  10. Unused Sick Day Beneficiary Form
  11. Medicare Part D Notice
  12. Reporting Changes to Health Plan Coverage
  13. COBRA Premium Rates
  14. Tuition Reimbursement
  15. Salary Advancement (Column Movement)
  16. Employee Assistance Program (EAC)
  17. Human Resources/Payroll Forms and Documents
  18. Payroll Schedule