Lower Merion Education Association
General Membership Meeting
October, 2018

NOTE: These minutes are also available online at www.lmeaonline.org.
President A. Avellino called the meeting to order at 4:10 pm.

M. Stettner made a motion to approve the August 28 minutes—sec by D. Mandarino. Passed.

M. Stettner made a motion to submit all reports from October 8 Executive Council meeting and refer members to the minutes from that meeting—sec by D. Mandarino—passed.

New Business:

A. Avellino gave the following report: LMEA is seeking representatives for the House of Delegates meetings in December & May.

The names submitted for the ballot were read and nominations were taken from the floor. Those names were added. A. Thomas cast the ballot for all the nominees. LMEA’s House of Delegates Representatives are:

Andy Thomas
Aimee Avellino
Kelly Cenicola
Tom Ricker
Andrea Johnson
Chris Santa Maria
Mike Stettner
Jackie Gaines

Darlene Mandarino
Lisa McDevitt
Debbie Williams
Vic Fedeli
Joanne Cappelli

Delegates should be aware that this year, both House meetings will take place in Philadelphia.

Officer’s Reports: (See “Executive Council October 2018 minutes”)
D. Mandarino made a motion to adjourn – A. Avellino. The meeting was adjourned at 4:17 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Andrew Thomas
1st Vice-President