Lower Merion Education Association
General Membership Meeting
August 28, 2018

NOTE: These minutes are also available online at www.lmeaonline.org.
President A. Avellino called the meeting to order at 10:10am.

New Business:
A. Avellino thanked Chris Santa Maria for his years of LMEA service.

A. Avellino introduced the 2017-18 LMEA Officers

A.Avellino made a motion to approve the May general membership minutes—1st A. Thomas; 2nd D. Mandarino. Passed.

D. Mandarino made a motion to approve the Treasurer report; 1st A. Thomas; 2nd Mike Stettner. Passed

Officers Report:
PACE: M. Stettner gave an update. Forms will be sent out to the membership if you currently do not contribute to PACE. Members can contribute through payroll deductions.

CNC Report: R. Loue reported on the grievance that has been filed by LMEA regarding the district’s application of the new language in the contract. Advised the membership to submit any course work completed for salary advancement by the October 10 deadline.

New Business:
Guest Speaker - Jeff Ney: PSEA Treasurer
PSEA membership is the strongest, most influential union in the state. Electing pro-education politicians is vital health of the profession.

Guest Speaker: Steve Stevenoski
Overview of his teaching experience in Wisconsin when Scott Walker was elected. Unions were disbanded and the education of children and the working conditions for educators has been deeply impacted.

D. Mandarino made a motion to adjourn – R. Loue. The meeting was adjourned at 11:05 am.

Respectfully submitted

Kelly Cenicola, Secretary Professional