February 12, 2018
NOTE: These minutes are also available online at www.lmeaonline.org.
President C. Santa Maria called the meeting to order at 4:05 pm.
D. Mandarino made a motion to approve the minutes from December—sec by V. Fedeli -passed.

Officer’s Reports:
President’s Report: C. Santa Maria gave the following report:

Due to the recent weather and cancellations, the district calendar will be adjusted so that students’ last day will now be Monday, June 18. Teacher closing day will now be June 19, and the final day will be professional development on June 20. If you make travel plans on those days, you will need to use a personal day with special consideration. (If you have already make travel plans that would affect your attendance, you should be able to use regular personal days.). All other days you can use ordinary absence procedures for either sick or personal days.

We have a new HR Director, Amira Ibrahim. During this transition, please let us know if you have any misunderstandings with HR, and we look forward to working with her.

PSEA Research would like information to help them prepare for our contract arbitration. We’re looking for building accomplishments/awards/recognitions, faculty accomplishments (conference presenters or leadership positions in professional organizations), and real estate/business testimonials that shine a positive light on our district. Anything you have that could conceivably help, please print it and send it to Chris at the LMEA office or email it to the LMEA.

Bonus pay has become a substitute for pay raises nationally, in many sectors of the economy, according to a recent New York Times article. This kind of pay scheme might seem like a good thing for employees, but over even a short period of time, bonus pay adds up to less compensation than actual salary increases. Not only that, but bonus payments for teachers add nothing to the PSERS fund and do nothing to increase our post-employment income. This is something to keep in mind when thinking about our bargaining challenges, and LMEA members should know that our CNC continues to pursue authentic pay raises instead of the bonus payments the Board might prefer.

VP Support: V. Fedeli submitted a written report, talked about the upcoming election for governor—it’s important to be aware that republics would love to unseat Governor Wolf, and that if they succeed we can believe they’ll seek to undermine public schools and the unions that support them.

VP Professional: NR

1st Vice President: NR

Secretary Support: NR

Secretary Professional: NR

Treasurer: D. Mandarino made a motion to accept the December and January Treasurer’s Reports—passed.

Committee Reports:
Settlement Task Force: J. Mudd reported on the upcoming 10-minute metings in the buildings. This is designed as a way to keep the membership informed, and also to give them an avenue to the leadership. We’re hoping to make red t-shirts and buttons available so members can voice their support for the LMEA as we continue to work without a contract. Please let us know if you would like to participate in the STF.

Constitution: NR

Elections: The NEA-RA is in Minneapolis this year, from June 30-July 5. Please let Arlene know at flickea@gmail.com if you’d like to be a delegate, prior to March 14. Your expenses will be covered by the LMEA.


CNC: R. Loue reported on the status of negotiations. Last best offers are to be submitted this Thursday, both by the LMEA and the LMSD. After that, there will be a hearing where we have the opportunity to make our case to the arbitrator. Following the hearing, the arbitrator will take some time to weigh evidence and generate a report no later than May 31. The goal of this process is to find a settlement with the board.

FAC: C. Santa Maria announced he’ll be assembling a budget committee to produce a budget for approval in May. The committee will need to account for the strong likelihood that the Supreme Court will strip unions of the ability to collect fair share fees. We’ve talked a lot about how that will make things difficult, and we need to get together and pursue solutions for the future.

Health & Safety: Reminder to contact A. Avellino or L. Giaquinto with any concerns.

Legislation: M. Stettner reported on the results of the gerrymandering case in PA, and issued a warning about the potential horrors of having Scott Wagner as our next governor.

Minority Affairs: NP

PACE: M. Stettner reported that the final payroll deduction was last week.

PR & R: P. Dawson reminded everyone to contact him if anyone’s evaluation is in jeopardy.

Social: LMEA retirement banquet will be May 31. Please let Lisa McDevitt know if anyone you know is retiring.

Special Services: NR

Sunshine: Please contact Debbie Williams as the need arises at williad@lmsd.org.

Membership: D. Grumbine submitted a written report, which is accurate as of the most recent Board Report. Everyone who is not a member should have received applications for membership in inter-office mail.


Environmental: NR

SECC: The committee will be sending a survey to the relevant staff in the near future—if you receive one, please reply candidly.

Building Reports:
Admin: NR

Belmont Hills:Prof: NR

Cynwyd: Prof: NR

Gladwyne: Prof: NR

Merion: Prof:
ESP: Question about pay—overtime hours are included in the calculation for employees’ medical contribution. Support staff do have assigned times to clock in and out—if you don’t observe those times, you can be disciplined by the district.

Penn Valley: Prof: NR

Penn Wynne: Prof: NR

Bala Cynwyd: Prof: NR

Welsh Valley: Prof: NR

Lower Merion: Prof: Be aware that HR is looking at absenteeism and trends of employee absence.

Harriton: Prof: NR

Minority At-Large Reps: NR

Building: NR

Grounds: NR

Transportation: NR

New Business: None

Meeting adjourned at 5:13 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Andrew Thomas
LMEA Secretary—Professional