May 8, 2017

NOTE: These minutes are also available online at www.lmeaonline.org.
President C. Santa Maria called the meeting to order at 4:08.
A. Avellino made a motion to approve the minutes from April—sec by V. Fedeli—passed.

Officer’s Reports:
President’s Report: C. Santa Maria began by discussing the upcoming LMEA elections, which will take place Tuesday, May 16. The ballots will be finalized at this week’s General Membership meeting, and nominations can still be taken for several open positions.

The bargaining process is at a halt. At the last session, the district was due to present a proposal; instead, they declined to do so. As you know, we have a special General Membership meeting on May 31, at which we will begin to involve the entire LMEA, informing them with more detail of the substance of the process to date and offering recommendations for a path forward. In advance of this meeting, we will ask members to complete a survey to help guide us in preparing those recommendations. Executive Council will meet again May 30 to review the survey results (location tba).

The May 31 meeting is at 5:00 pm in the LMHS auditorium. We recognize not all members can attend because some are still working, and we regret it’s impossible to have everyone there. The time was determined based on the maximum number of employee groups whose schedule would allow them to attend.

C. Santa Maria made a motion to send the survey out—sec by A. Avellino—passed unanimously.

Given the bargaining stall, it seems sensible to reconvene the Settlement Task Force, which will temporarily replace Outreach. J. Mudd will direct STF, and coordinators will be appointed in each building/department/subgroup, and the STF will be funded from the LMEA budget. In accordance with the LMEA bylaws, STF will report directly to Executive Council.

Last week, we met with representatives of DDCworks, a public relations firm with experience working with teachers’ unions as they pursue contracts. We look forward to working with them to remind our community and our Board how valuable we are and how much we want to enjoy the start of next school year with a new agreement.

The proposed LMEA 2017-18 budget was distributed, reviewed, and discussed. Questions were taken, and __ made a motion for approval—sec by A. Avellino—passed unanimously.

The Board is considering an updated tutoring policy: in addition to prohibiting the tutoring of a teacher’s own students, the new policy would make it a violation for a member of the teacher’s household (a spouse, for example) to tutor current students. Further, teachers would be required to disclose the names of all the LMSD students they tutor (there would now be a reporting form for this, which would constitute an official record of income).

See the Apple Core for details on our award-winning bus drivers, the Wolk lawsuit, the Candidates’ Forum, the special General Membership meeting, and the Retirement dinner schedule for June 1.

VP Support: V. Fedeli reported on the ESP House of Delegates, where new officers were elected. He also offered a reminder to those thinking of retirement—please contact Debbie Swindell to schedule an exit interview so you can make sure you have the number of sick and vacation days you think you should.

VP Professional: NR

1st Vice President: A. Avellino reported she will be seeking some information from elementary reps in advance of a meeting with Mark Klein to discuss the physical activity period. This meeting will be either May 23 or 24 at 4 pm (location tba), and we need people from every building to participate in this conversation.

Secretary Support: NR

Secretary Professional: NR

Treasurer: D. Mandarino submitted a treasurer’s report for April—passed.

Committee Reports:
Outreach: NR

Constitution: M. Stettner distributed selected policies and practices for review, and made a motion to renew each of them with no changes—passed.

Elections: A. Flicker discussed elections procedures for May 16, should one be necessary for building reps. Please contact Arlene with the reps who win these elections.

CIPD: Our next meeting is this Wednesday.



Health & Safety: NR

Legislation: M. Stettner reminded us that state legislators sometimes get more active as the school year comes to a close, and reported that the likely Republican candidate for governor in the 2018 election, Scott Wagner, represents really bad news for us. If he wins, it could spell the end of public sector unions in Pennsylvania, similar to what happened in Wisconsin under Scott Walker.

Minority Affairs: NR

PACE: M. Stettner discussed the PSEA-recommended candidates in the May 16 elections—you can see more information at schoolhouseballot.com.

PR&R: P. Dawson submitted a written report and discussed some of the ongoing grievances.

Social: If you know of anyone in your building planning to retire, please contact Lisa McDevitt so she can invite them to the LMEA Retirees’ Dinner June 1.

Special Services: NR

Sunshine: Please contact Debbie Williams as the need arises at williad@lmsd.org.

Membership: D. Grumbine submitted a written report.


Education Foundation: NR

Environmental: NR


Building Reports:
Belmont Hills: Prof: NP

Cynwyd: Prof: NR

Gladwyne: Prof: NP

Merion: Prof: Discussion of terrible experiences with contracted buses used for field trip—does the district keep a record of these experiences? We will bring this up with the Superintendent on Wednesday.
ESP: Seeking clarity on the “missing paycheck”: the pay amount will be the same as in all the other paychecks. Questions about the timeline for people to learn whether they have jobs in summer school—May 1 is the deadline, but in the past people have had the benefit of seniority access to these positions.

Penn Valley: Prof: NR

Penn Wynne: Prof: staff were told at a faculty meeting that due to the SPP numbers, no one could be rated “distinguished.” While we think our teachers are distinguished, we place no value in the ratings and labels of this process, although we would want to know right away if any teacher were deemed less than proficient as a result of this meaningless statistic.

Bala Cynwyd: Prof: staff members concerned about sharing their unit upgrade in a shared folder—staff are advised to offer generic feedback; also, the principal appears to want more structure in the LEARN period than previously agreed to—need to get some clarity on what’s happening here.

Welsh Valley: Prof: Concerns about principal’s suggestions that teachers develop goals for next year to pursue during the LEARN period, and some confusion about the apparently-expanding scope of the evaluation process for this year.

Lower Merion: Prof: Concerns about the hiring process for Summer School.

Harriton: Prof: NR

Minority At-Large Reps: NR

Building and Grounds: NR

Administration: NR

Transportation: NR

New Business: NR

M. Stettner made a motion to adjourn - second by V. Fedeli. The meeting was adjourned at 5:56 pm.

Respectfully submitted
Andrew Thomas, Secretary Professional