February 13, 2017

NOTE: These minutes are also available online at www.lmeaonline.org.
President C. Santa Maria called the meeting to order at 4:10 pm.
Amanda Holroyd made a motion to approve the minutes from February—sec by E. Weck—passed.

Officer's Reports:
President's Report: CNC members are attending a healthcare presentation which began at 4 pm at the District Administration Office. The District and LMEA are investigating alternatives to the C-Past Consortium. Another consortium (Bucks & Montgomery County School Healthcare) has a joint labor-management model which is composed of business and school board members. CNC is looking at real numbers in order to determine the best benefit package. In past years we have had IBX and Aetna.

Chris will be in touch with Joe Mudd and Russ Loue about providing an update on negotiations in a future LMEA blast.

It was advised that recently during the morning announcements at Harriton High School, an Assistant Principal advised that students could take an online summer school course. This news was never brought to the attention of the LMEA. Chris immediately called HR (Mark Klein) as protocol was not followed and this could be a bargaining issue. PSEA was also contacted and they agree re bargaining as the online course will be under a contracted organization, Montgomery MVP. This issue can be pursued as an unfair labor practice, and the District can be asked to cease and desist and bargain with us.

The regular Summer school fee is a 4-hour course for $975 versus a MVP fee of $350 plus $75 registration which for parents would be a lower option. Students taking courses during the summer are utilizing same for advanced credit or remediation due to a failed course. A letter was sent to Mark Klein today and he advised he will discuss the matter with Meghan Shafer and the Superintendent. Our members will be affected as teachers may be displaced, salary not paid, etc. Other option is to file a grievance if same is not negotiated.

It was also advised that previously under SPIES there had been ESY tutoring for students at home but now Easter Seals has been doing so at lower rate for several years. Chris advised it is very important to report changes immediately to the LMEA so issue can be researched, discussed, and action taken.

Today in the packet are letters for Building Reps to distribute to every professional member in your building. It is from LMEA advising of their annual salary and step. If an error is discovered in anyone's information, please ask the employee to contact Debbie Swindell in HR and carbon copy him on that email. If the employee listed is no longer at your school, return the envelope to Arlene at the LMEA office. If the employee is out or on maternity leave also note same and return it to LMEA office so it can be forwarded to a home address. There have been recent problems with employees being overpaid and now they must make arrangements to reimburse the District.

Please note that the next Snow Day must be made up by professionals so keep this in mind when making any June vacation plans.

Construction is in the final phase for the Community Center being built so there is still no parking available at 306 Parsons Ave. It is hoped that we will be able to negotiate parking with them for one Monday per month.

The corner sink project approved in the budget last fall is commencing at the office. New plumbing, electric, and cabinets are being installed.

VP Support: V. Fedeli reported on the ESP Division meeting February 7.
VP Professional: NR
1st Vice President: NR
Secretary Support: NR
Secretary Professional: NR
Treasurer: D. Mandarino submitted a treasurer's report for February—passed.

Committee Reports:


Elections: Please contact Arlene Flicker if you want your name to be added for the NEA-RA election at the March General Membership meeting.


CNC: Our next bargaining session is scheduled for February 15.


Health & Safety: NR


Minority Affairs:


PR&R: P. Dawson submitted a written report and discussed some of the ongoing grievances.

Social: Please contact Lisa or Aimee if you know of someone retiring this year so we can invite them to the annual LMEA Retirement dinner.

Special Services: NR

Sunshine: Please contact Debbie Williams as the need arises at williad@lmsd.org.

Membership: D. Grumbine submitted a written report.


Education Foundation: NR

Environmental: NR


Building Reports:
Belmont Hills: Prof: NR

Cynwyd: Prof: NR
ESP: Question about staff pullouts for district initiatives—can certified IAs be used to cover? Chris will check with Mark Klein and report back.

Gladwyne: Prof: Concern regarding the report paperwork and deadlines for the superintendent—not enough time to get this done.

Merion: Prof: Question and discussion about the efficiency of the Field Trip Committee—some people are having trouble getting timely responses—will check on this and come back with information next month.

Penn Valley: Prof: NR

Penn Wynne: Prof: NR

Bala Cynwyd: Prof: More discussion about field trip requests.

Welsh Valley: Prof: NR

Lower Merion: Prof: NR

Harriton: Prof:

Minority At-Large Reps: NR

Building: NR

Grounds: NR

Administration: It was advised that there was a late alert from LMEA blast on the DeVos confirmation vote.

Transportation: NP

New Business:

Respectfully submitted,

Andrew Thomas,
Secretary Professional