November 14, 2016

NOTE: These minutes are also available online at www.lmeaonline.org.
President C. Santa Maria called the meeting to order at 4:04 pm.

Aimee Avellino made a motion to approve the minutes from September’s meeting—sec by V. Fedeli—passed.

Officer’s Reports:

President’s Report: C. Santa Maria began the meeting by welcoming Rob Cornaglia, the executor of the annual LMEA financial audit, who presented his report and explained its contents to the group. Copies of the report are kept at the LMEA office, and any member who would like to review it in person is invited to do so.

The outcome of last week’s election will have repercussions for public education. Locally, of course, we must work to maintain interpersonal, fully functioning professional relationships with our colleagues who may not have received the surprising outcome with equal enthusiasm. At the state level, be aware that the balance of power shifted to the right by three seats in both the PA Senate and the PA House. This makes it critical that we contribute to PACE and work even harder on our own behalf to protect our interests in legislation.

CNC will issue a survey via a link in an upcoming LMEA blast. We will use the results to guide us as we prepare a proposal at the outset of the bargaining process.

Please see the Apple Core for some information about a new presidency’s impact on national education initiatives, an upcoming maternity leave workshop, and the LMEA’s effort to prevent payroll mistakes that can confuse or cost members.

VP Support: V. Fedeli spoke about American Education week (November 14-18) and the role ESP has in our work, and reminded everyone that 12-month employees will not be working December 30.

VP Professional: NR

1st Vice President: A. Avellino reported she will be holding her annual maternity workshop November 28 at the LMEA office. She will also welcome some help with Treats for Troops—the fall packing night will be December 5 at 5:00 pm at Kelly’s in Bryn Mawr.

Secretary Support: NR

Secretary Professional: NR

Treasurer: D. Mandarino made a motion to accept the October Treasurer’s Report—passed.

Committee Reports:

Outreach: NR

Constitution: NR

Elections: NR

CIPD: Our next meeting is November 29. Please forward your concerns to Aimee or Mike.

CNC: Our next meeting is Thursday December 1. We’ve been working on the survey, which will come out soon.


Health & Safety: NR

Legislation: M. Stettner reported that Linda Weaver lost her bid for state office. While the election did us no favors, the good news is that the most recent attack on our pensions was handily defeated.

Minority Affairs: A. Troop reported that the Meet & Greet will take place December 15—location will be verified.

PACE: M. Stettner reported that the PACE deductions will take place in the first five paychecks of the year. The deadline for non-continuous payroll deductions is at the end of this month.

PR&R: P. Dawson submitted a written report.

Social: NR

Special Services: NR

Sunshine: Please contact Debbie Williams as the need arises at williad@lmsd.org.

Membership: D. Grumbine submitted a written report.


Education Foundation: NR

Environmental: NR


Building Reports:

Belmont Hills: Prof: The topic of recess captains was brought up, then tabled for discussion/ESP: not present

Cynwyd: Prof: Lack of subs remains an issue/ESP: Some IAs are required to use computers to complete access billing, yet IAs are not permitted to access the computers.

Gladwyne: Prof: Sub shortage is an issue here as well, with uncovered classes being split or canceled; the number of non-teaching tasks has become overwhelming.

Merion: Prof: Change in procedure in grading of district assessments has caused some problems; question about timing and procedure for people receiving notice in response to conference applications; question about use of district facilities for religious services taking place outside of school times.
ESP: Computers designated for support staff to use are not equipped with Kronos.

Penn Valley: Prof: Echo of concerns revolving around extraneous, non-teaching tasks
ESP: Concern about computers for IAs here as well.

Penn Wynne: Prof: NR

Bala Cynwyd: Prof: NR

Welsh Valley: Prof: NR
ESP: Concern about the reliability of computers for use during next Wednesday’s training for PSSA. People should not be using their lunchtime, and this is a district problem they can solve either by paying people overtime to do it outside of school hours, or giving people time during the day to complete the work. Thanks to Victor for his hard work over the summer to.

Lower Merion: Prof: Questions about the use of sharepoint as an element of PLCs

Harriton: Prof: NR

Minority At-Large Reps: not present

Building/Skilled Crafts: Question about computer voting for contract ratification--this would require a change in our bylaws, which is possible; we’ll take this under advisement in the spring.

Grounds:Question about including Veterans’ Day as an option for the floating holiday—the holiday needs to be on a day when no students are in the buildings. Question about how the employee contribution to healthcare costs is calculated—this is based on your gross pay (including overtime), not your base pay.

Administration: NR

Transportation: not present

New Business:

The meeting was adjourned at 5:22 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Andrew Thomas
Secretary Professional