PSEA-NEA Personal Legal Services Program

An exciting program for PSEA-NEA members
Quality personal legal services at a 30 percent savings!

Personal Legal Services is a PSEA-NEA program designed to provide all members of PSEA and its affiliates with high quality personal legal services or mediation services at significant savings.

If you are a member of PSEA or its affiliates you and the members of your immediate family are eligible for the program.

Explanation of Benefits:

The personal Legal Services Program covers almost any personal, non-employment related legal need you or your family members might have.


  1. Preparation of a will
  2. Buying or selling a home
  3. Settling an estate
  4. Filing for personal bankruptcy
  5. Obtaining a divorce

It does not cover legal services for business dealings, business bankruptcies, or defense of criminal violations (other than traffic violations in which financial liability exceeds $50).

Contact the nearest PSEA region field office. A staff member will verify your membership and put you in touch with the attorney or mediator.

For your convenience, the addresses and telephone numbers of the region offices are listed below.

Mideastern Office:
601 Bethlehem Pike, Bldg. C
Montgomeryville, PA 18936
(800) - 492 - 2727
(215) - 853 - 2100

The goal of PSEA's Legal Division is to provide timely, accurate, and quality services to members and the organization.

We do this by setting and maintaining high standards within the division and by utilizing broad and diverse resources, such as efficient use of the organization's finances, use and integration of technology, cooperation with other divisions within the organization, and assistance from trained associate staff.

While all attorneys specialize in labor and education law, each has and will continue to develop personal areas of expertise. We operate in an atmosphere of collegiality, individual excellence and initiative.

Finally, our commitment extends not only to our membership and our organization, but also to the preservation and improvement of public education.

Leadership for Public Education
400 North Third Street
PO Box 2225
Harrisburg, PA 17105-2225

(717) - 255 - 7000
(800) - 944 - 7732
Ext. 7025, 7046, 7056 or 7029