1. Support Staff
    1. Involuntary/Voluntary transfers from one job assignment to another - either within one job or from one job category to another - shall be made in the following manner:
    2. The vacancy shall be posted in accordance with Article 52 of this Agreement.
    3. In the event of a loss of position, the person identified to be involuntarily transferred shall be the least senior individual within the department(s) affected. The most senior employee(s) will be assigned first to a new position.
    4. In the event a voluntary transfer is requested, the position will be filled by the best qualified applicant. If two or more employees are equally qualified for the position, seniority shall prevail. Qualifications shall be determined by the Superintendent or the Superintendent's designee.
    5. Employees requesting a transfer who have been interviewed for a vacancy, but were not successful, may discuss with the Director of Human Resources the reasons for lack of success in transferring, and may be given special assistance as needed.

  2. Professional Staff
    1. Involuntary transfer methods shall be determined through Meet and Discuss annually.