Extra Pay for Extra Responsibility (EPER)

  1. General EPER information:
    1. All EPER payment amounts will provide a minimum increase 2.0% in each year of the agreement as set forth in the attached Appendix "D".
    2. Upon written request, employees whose compensation exceeds SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS ($600) per activity may request to be paid in two (2) payments.
    3. The procedure for employees who wish to be paid for an activity not listed in the current EPER schedule is attached as Appendix "E".
    4. Longevity payments of ONE HUNDRED FIFTY ($150) for each year of continuous service as a coach will be added with a maximum number of four (4) such payments applied to all sports.
    5. Longevity payments of ONE HUNDRED ($100) for each year of continuous service for activity sponsors will be added with a maximum of four (4) such payments applied to all activities.
    6. Continuous service will not be broken by Board-approved leaves or special circumstances approved by the Superintendent.
    7. Employees involved in championship and/or playoffs which exceed the regular season shall be paid the following amounts for each day the activity continues beyond the regular season:
      2015 - 2016: $63.62
      2016 - 2017: $63.94
    8. Employees involved in EPER activities which exceed the regular season shall be paid for each day the activity continues beyond the regular season up to a total amount for post-season activity equal to fifty percent (50%) of regular season compensation earned for this EPER activity.
    9. New activities shall receive a pay equal to the position in the league's 1-4 average or, if an activity is comparable, through meet-and-discuss.
    10. When a coaching contract is not renewed, the Athletic Director will notify the person in writing no later than sixty (60) days after the season has ended. If at any time a coach demonstrates improper conduct, the coach can be dismissed.
  2. Members of the bargaining unit who participate in summer workshops shall be paid at the rate below for every hour of participation in workshops. If the per diem substitute teacher rate exceeds the workshop rate in any year of this contract, the substitute teacher rate shall be used.
    2015 - 2016: $28.94
    2016 - 2017: $29.08
  3. Summer Workshop Leadership pay shall be paid two times the rate of summer workshop participants for every five hours of presentation time.
  4. The Board agrees to reimburse staff members at the following rates for each hour of presentation time to a maximum of five (5) hours for in-service presentations during in- service days, curriculum writing days, late openers, and early dismissals or faculty meetings:
    2015 - 2016: $53.59
    2016 - 2017: $53.86
  5. Compensation for any created activities will be determined through meet-and-discuss sessions between the chief negotiators for both parties.
  6. Summer Sschool information:
    1. Employees employed to work in Summer School or on Summer Curriculum Committees will be employed for a period not to exceed one hundred fifty (150) hours divided into twenty-eight (28) days of five and two-tenths (5.2) hours each and a final day of four and four-tenths (4.4) hours. Summer school shall be closed July 4th or the week day designated for the Independence Day observance. Summer Curriculum Committees will not meet on July 4th or the week day designated for Independence Day observance. For their service, employees will be paid the rates below during the term of this Contract:
        2015 - 2016 2016 - 2017
      0 years service:
      1 years service:
      2 years service:
      3 years service:
      4 years service:
    2. Employees in summer service who work twelve (12) days or more in a professional capacity between the closing and opening dates of the teacher work year, and who are also bargaining unit members of this School District during the regular school year, shall be granted Leave Because of Illness, Leave Because of Death of Relatives, and Personal Days under the same rules and regulations as apply during the regular school year. For the purpose of computing accumulated Leave Because of Illness and Personal Leave, July 1 shall be considered the start of the new school year.
    3. Summer School shall be organized and personnel notified of their assignments by May 1 of each year, provided the final enrollment of students and employment of necessary additional personnel need not take place until after regular school closes.
  7. Employees who serve on Summer Committees for review and/or development of curriculum or in any other professional capacity shall be paid at the Summer School rate.
  8. Tutors will be paid at the following hourly rate:
    2015 - 2016: $41.86
    2016 - 2017: $42.07
  9. Employees who attend workshops during the school year will receive, at the employee's option, either: (1) Compensation at the rate $37.51/hr in 2015-2016 and $37.70/hr in 2016-2017 or, (2) Credit for salary placement purposes equal to one credit for every fifteen (15) hours of workshop time. Time spent attending district workshops will be credited toward any continuing education requirements for teacher certification, subject to the approval of the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Workshop leadership pay shall be paid at two (2) times the rate for workshop participants for every hour of presentation time.