Leave for Childrearing

  1. Any contracted professional or support employee in a permanent position may request and shall be granted a Child Rearing Leave of Absence starting on the date of:
    1. The conclusion of the Maternity Leave associated with the birth of that particular child; or
    2. The date of adoption in cases of adopted children.
  2. Long Term Substitute employees are not entitled to Child Rearing Leave once their maternity and/or FMLA (if eligible) leave has concluded.
  3. Requests for Child Rearing Leave of Absence must be submitted at least sixty (60) days prior to the anticipated birth.
    1. In cases of adoption, the normal sixty (60) day notification may be waived by the Director of Human Resources in the event that sixty (60) day notification is not provided by the adoption agency.
    2. In cases of unforeseen birth problems, the normal sixty (60) day notification may be waived by the Director of Human Resources.
  4. The employee shall be granted Child Rearing Leave without pay. Salary credit, sick leave, and personal leave will not be granted nor will they accrue. Seniority rights shall continue to accrue. The Board shall not provide life, disability, or health insurance benefits during the leave. However, medical insurance may be continued by the employee during the Child Rearing Leave period, subject to the rules and regulations of the Board's insurance carrier, provided that the full premiums shall be paid by the employee. If the employee is eligible for Family Medical Leave, 12 weeks of Child Rearing Leave will apply to FMLA leave and health benefits will continue at the expense of the district. Following the conclusion of FMLA leave, the employee may choose to continue health benefits by paying the premium for coverage.
  5. Child Rearing Leave shall be granted for either one (1) calendar year or, at the employee's request, less than a calendar year, provided the employee returns on either the first day of his/her respective work calendar or Midyear, which is defined as follows:
    1. Elementary and Secondary Professional Employees (MS/HS) - the first day of the 2nd semester
    2. Support Employees – the midpoint of the work calendar for the employee's respective position
  6. If an Employee's full year of leave ends after the beginning of the first day of his/her work calendar, but before Midyear, the Employee must extend his/her initial leave until Midyear or, at the employee's request, until the first day of the following school/work year. Employees whose full year of leave ends after Midyear must extend their initial leave for the remainder of the school/work year.
  7. An employee may extend his/her Child Rearing Leave for an additional school/work year of half school/work year provided he/she notifies the district HR Department of his/her intentions by April 1st.
  8. Should an unforeseen emergency arise, such as death or a serious reversal of family finances, at the employee's request the employee may be assigned to the first vacancy which occurs for which the employee is properly qualified.
  9. An employee on Child Reading Leave must notify the Director of Human Resources in writing by April 1st of the intention to return to work. Requests for extension or reductions under Section F and G above must be made by April 1st.
  10. In the event the employee does not provide the Director of Human Resources with written notice of intention to return to work in the specified period of time, it shall be considered that the employee has vacated the position and the employee shall be terminated.
  11. Employees who have/adopt an additional child(ren) while on leave may continue on leave provided their total time on leave does not exceed four (4) calendar years. An employee who has been on 4 years of continuous leave must return to work or resign. Extensions shall not be granted if the extension will result in the employee's continuous leave exceeding four (4) years at the next available return date (as defined in Section E).
  12. Employees who return from Child Rearing Leave are eligible for another Child Rearing Leave as needed, but shall only be eligible to extend that Child Rearing Leave if they worked a full year between leaves.
  13. Employees who adopt children of pre-school age shall be eligible for Child Rearing Leave under the provisions of this Article.
  14. Child Rearing Leave shall also be granted to a male employee consistent with the leave for a natural mother.
  15. Upon return to employment following a Child Rearing Leave, the employee shall be offered the same or a substantially equivalent position in pay and skill if such a position is vacant and available. If such a job is not vacant and available, the employee shall be offered any other available position for which the employee is qualified.

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