1. Whenever an employee shall be rendered unable to perform regular duties by reason of an unprovoked attack while on duty, the Board shall pay such person's full salary up to but not exceeding one (1) year. For purposes of this Article, "while on duty" means arising in the course of employment, but does not include attacks by a third person intended to injure the employee because of reasons personal to the employee and not directed against the employee as an employee or because of the employment.
  2. Workers' Compensation payments made to the employee for the time lost from work, covering the year or any part of the year in Section A above, shall be considered as an offset to that extent against the Board's responsibility in Section A above.
  3. Employees shall suffer no loss of accumulated sick leave under Section A above.
  4. At its expense, the Board may make provision, at reasonable intervals, for medical examinations of persons affected by Section A above.
  5. If the attack under Section A above has been deliberately provoked by the attacked employee, the Board's responsibility under this Article shall then be limited to payments under Article 15, and any Workers' Compensation payment made to the employee for time lost from work shall be considered as an offset, to that extent, to Board payments under Article 15 of this Agreement.